Monday, December 25, 2017

Chocolate cream with Liqueur and lingonberries

In Estonian

Recipe idea is from Ants Uustalu's training at Tartu Toiduakadeemia. I have added winter tastes to the recipe: Old Tallinn liqueur, lingonberries and cardamom.
Recipe for 10.
450 g white chocolate
1 tbsp gelatin
100 ml water
150 ml milk
250 ml whipping cream
2 tbsp Vana Tallinn liqueur
5 digestive biscuits
0.5 tsp ground cardamom
150 g lingonberries
50 g farine sugar
Soak gelatin in water.
Heat milk to boiling and melt the gelatin in hot milk.
Melt white chocolate and add to milk and gelatine.
Add Old Tallinn liqueur and let the mixture cool.
Whip the cream and add to cold mixture.
Put the cream to the dessert bowls and keep in freezer for few hours.
Prepare the lingonberry sauce. Boil lingonberries and when these are soft, crush in blender.
Add farine sugar and boil some minutes. Let it cool.
Crush digestive biscuits and mix with cardamom.
Add 1 tbsp of lingonberry sauce and 1 tsp bisquit mix on the top of chocolate cream.

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